Co-work and Coffee Shops

It strikes me that co-work spaces and coffee shops are similar, but… not. Your typical coffee shop grudgingly offers moderately useful WiFi (can we get rid of the 20 minute timeouts and required “accept terms” pages, please!) and a few power outlets and has yet to figure out what to do with all these individual patrons taking up so much table space for so long. In short: lots of coffee, little access to power or high speed WiFi.

Co-work spaces have more than enough power outlets and Wifi, usually high speed and reliable (if not, find another co-work space!), but very little coffee. People are expected to come in, spend time without buying anything, and slurp all the Internet they can.

Could we have a coffee shop-style chain of co-work shops with space, meeting rooms, power, and WiFi and sell day passes/memberships? What’s the critical population/entrepreneurial density to sustain it?

2 thoughts on “Co-work and Coffee Shops”

  1. Microsoft has guest offices in many of its field locations. Sort of like co-work spaces I guess except just for employees who normally work other places – like from home. They tell me the coffee is good but I don’t drink it. I do drink the free soda and hot chocolate though. 🙂

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