IST301x: The Information Environment

Location: University at Albany, State University of New York
Terms: Spring 2009, Fall 2009, Spring 2010
Class size: ~ 80 students/term

IST 301x is an introduction to information studies including definitions and properties of information: creation, transfer, classification, encoding, evaluation, storage, retrieval, and use. The Role of information organizations including libraries, print and electronic publishing industries, and archives is discussed.

Reading Materials

  • Lester, J., & Koehler, W. C. (2007). Fundamentals of information studies: Understanding information and its environment (2nd ed.). New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers.

2 thoughts on “IST301x: The Information Environment”

  1. I took this course a few years back with William Doane. The group project proved to be one of the most useful and rewarding experiences I had at UAlbany. If you’re in the Information Science program, definitely take this class!

    Thanks again, Professor!

  2. I took ist301 in Spring 2010 . This class is so important, in my view, and it helped me to pursue my degree in Information Science.The teacher is great; comprehensible and not that hard with his students. Even after class hours, he took time to speak with and help the students as needed. Indeed, he’s the best teacher that I had at SUNY ALBANY. This class was the second class that I took with him (so far) and I am looking forward to taking others with him, too. I recommend that you take ist301 with Dr. Doane; you will not regret it. Thanks Dr. Doane for your help through the semester. Just follow correctly what he asks you to do and you will be fine.

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