Reason I wish Apple wasn’t so secretive #43

When a new product comes out, it takes 6-12 months for production of accessories to ramp up, by which time you already have something that works (rather than something you’d love to have) and you’re approaching a new product release (which will change the device’s form factor). For example, iPhone 4 cases… MacBook cases… iPad cases, etc…

I love my MacAlly faux-suede Bookstand iPad case… I worried about ordering them sight unseen, but I couldn’t have been happier with mine — it has provided great protection and no fuss. It gives me access to all the ports and gives me comfort when I put the iPad into a bag.

Yet, if these two things had been out at the time, I might have gone with the combination of them, instead:

I don’t whether I would have liked them better or worse than the Bookstand, but I like the idea of them.

One thought on “Reason I wish Apple wasn’t so secretive #43”

  1. Wil, Wow! I did not know the iPad had such accessories. Does the ‘wallpaper’ and boarder flow that smoothly as an image across the front of the iPad? Interesting and intriguing. I see now why my wife may want one of these things!


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