Second Impressions

After nearly a week using the Apple Vision Pro I think it’s an awesome experience, with a few glitches.

My at-home scan suggested a 23w light seal. I was rescanned in-store when I picked up the unit with the same result. But for me, the 23w was letting in light near my temple (the AVP’s speakers) that looked like little flashlights in the corners of my eyes and like a yellow dot in the middle of my field of vision. After several days, I was able to identify and influence the issue: the light seal flares out at the edges and my head… doesn’t.

I took the unit and seals into my local Apple store to try a few replacement options (you can swap light seals within 14 days free of charge). I ended up leaving with a 21n light shield and it’s the difference between… well… day and night. No more temple light entry.

Independently, there’s a fair bit of light bleed around the nose, which is expected and documented on Apple’s support fora. Much like the frames of a new pair of eye glasses, I’ve found I notice it less each day.

Unresolved is lens reflection of bright FOV content that would make JJ Abrams proud. I’m still working on limiting that. One factor appears to be how your AVP is seated on your face: with some placements, what otherwise appears as a flare focuses on your pupil. But I still find myself distracted by bright content near the edges of my FOV, such as the daytime terrain in the Moon environment. The effect is an unsettling, foggy blurring that makes me think my eyes are misty.